Before I never liked Mascara Clinique but my friend told me that it is not a proper way of putting mascara on my eyelashes. Because I have short eyelashes I have to wear fake lashes to make it long. But now I don't need to wear false lashes to make it long I just use my favourite Mascara Clinique.

I love Mascara Clinique so much, when I curl my eyelashes and apply my mascara its perfect because it looks like natural eyelashes. When you are using this product you can still get dramatic look. I've tried them all but this one is my favourite because I have very sensitive eyes and when  I using this product I don't experience irritation in my eyes. I used to wear contact lenses and at the same time I use mascara the problem is my eyes becomes red and itchy feeling.

 One reason I love this product because it lasts all day and when I remove my make-up it is very easy because it doesn't leave an annoying smudge behind my eyelashes line. When it comes to a price Mascara Clinique is cheaper than other mascara products for $7.00 you can buy a Mascara Clinique. Why spending a lot of money to the product that you cannot trust? I guarantee you that this product is very affordable and compare to other products, you can choose for many varieties. Look for the mascara that is easy to remove some mascara is hard to remove. If you want the mascara that easy to wash off don't choose water proof mascara. Finding the best mascara for you is not easy to find, especially you are looking by yourself. There are times that you are tired of finding the best mascara for your lashes and in an instance the best is more expensive. We woman have a different want in choosing our make-up. Like teenager they want a blacker shades they want to emphasize their eyes.

Choosing right mascara for you? Ask the expert or you can ask your make-up artist what shades of mascara is the best for you? Try something new, experiment but before trying all the products make sure that your eyes wont irritate because our eyes is very sensitive. Look for the ingredients with vitamin E find the brand that won't harm your skin especially your eyes. And if you have oily skin look for waterproof mascara that won't smudge in the hit.